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Our Story

Vital Media & Marketing (VMM) was originally founded in the small town of Oregon, IL as a way to grow and promote local business to a larger audience. Our goal is to take over as much of the social media marketing aspect of someones business or brand, allowing them to focus on the more important tasks. Social media marketing (SMM) takes TIME, and we pride ourselves in giving back the 6 - 12 hours of WEEKLY work needed for a proper SMM experience to the business owner. 

Your success is our success. At VMM our customer experience always comes first. We aim to provide nothing short of reliable, professional, and above exceptional promotion, growth, and revenue into every business / brand we work with. When you work with VMM, reform your mindset, and think of our work as an investment instead of a service. You are investing in your business / brand in order to secure a healthy, and successful future. 




Our work is composed of three main stages ;

- Consultation ; Our team either meets with, or talks to a customer over a virtual meeting space. In 1 hour, our team is able to ask a series of handcrafted questions that were built in order to help us, help you.

- Creation ; After we have met with, and had our initial consultation with every customer, and have agreed on a marketing deal, our team moves into the creation phase. Here our team of elite marketing agents, and creative masterminds put together specifically articulated images, and ad copies in order to help your business perform in the marketing space.

- Carry Out ; In this phase, we execute every single ad copy, generate every lead, or maintain every bot that is required for your company to see growth within our 30 - 90 day window of service.




Our team, composed of four dedicated individuals, in which each posses their own beneficial strengths to the company. Each member is driven by their own altruistic personalities in order to help businesses / entrepreneurs and their brands succeed under our care.

Introducing our staff ;

  - Jacob Blalock (CEO) (Sales Specialist)

  - (TBD)

  - (TBD)

  - (TBD)





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